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Glee 100 Revisiting Songs

meg_doyle Becca. Is. Thrilled.

jennaushkowitz Everything’s OK.

becbecbobec: Thanks for the giggles @jennyandteets2. I wanna be you when I grow up.

becbecbobec Kitty’s gettin’ up early for work tomorrow! #GleeS6

hairstylistsherrib This beautiful soul came all the way from LA to get beautified at #luxlajolla! Means the world when clients trek so far to sit in my chair and trust me with their hair. Love @becbecbobec new haircut and beautiful sunny blonde! #hairstylistsherrib #beccatobin #glee

becbecbobec: My aunt JoAnn @lovemypuppyboca found me this furry little friend and I’m so in love. This is Orly, everyone! 🐶 #havapoo


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